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Enjoyer Brandnertal-Serfaus-Fiss

Enjoyer Brandnertal-Serfaus-Fiss

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Aug 8, 2024


Aug 3, 2024

Mountainbike holidays for Rookies

Beginner mountainbike trips are an adventure like no other. We welcome mountainbikers from all backgrounds, from complete newbies to those who have already experienced single-trails in the flatlands. Our experienced mtb guides show you the best routes and teach you the basics, so everyone feels confident even when going downhill together. Get ready for a spiritual journey as our mountainbike holidays provide more than just thrilling rides - we help you discover yourself through nature and discover the meaning of life within biking trails!

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What should I expect on a beginner mountainbike holiday?

When you embark on a beginner mountain bike holiday, it can be both exciting and intimidating. Obviously, the main draw of such a trip is the promise of new sights and experiences as you explore trails in an unfamiliar region. But if this is your first time on a mountain bike, there’s a few important things to be aware of before taking off down the trail.

The most important thing to remember is that mountain biking can be dangerous - like any sport with risk of injury - but learning properly at the start will help minimize that risk substantially. You won't become an expert overnight, so expect the learning process to take some time and practice. You should also plan for some physical soreness after each ride; just like going to the gym or participating in other sports activities, your body needs days off between rides in order to fully recover and recharge for future ones!

It's also wise to come prepared when starting out as a beginner on any kind of mountain biking holiday; make sure you have plenty of water (or hydration packs) and snacks with you while riding since physical exertion requires fuel! It's also helpful to bring along essential tools such as spare tubes or patch kits for fixing flat tires, pumps or air compressors for re-inflating them again when needed; multi-tools can serve many other purposes throughout the day too! And lastly but certainly not least: always wear protective gear including helmets, gloves and knee/elbow pads regardless how experienced (or inexperienced!) you are on two wheels – safety first!

Overall it’s safe say that beginning mountain bikers should look forward to an adventurous yet challenging experience when setting out on their first beginner holiday. Anything worth doing involves mastering skills over time which require dedication and hard work — this applies especially here — but all these efforts will pay off handsomely with breathtaking views & awesome stories back home once completed successfully!

What are the best tips for beginner mountainbike holiday?

If you are a beginner looking to explore the world of mountain bike holidays, there are several tips that can help get your off on the right foot.

First, decide what type of holiday appeals most to you: tricks, endurance, or adventure? If you’re a fan of tricks and stunts, then look for locations with bikeparks. If endurance is your thing, focus on trips that are cross-country focused. Adventure seekers will want to prioritize multi-day trips where they can stay in different places each night, like the 3 countries traverse for example

Once you have an idea of what kind of trip appeals to you most, it’s time to find the perfect location!
Also be sure bring safety gear such as helmets, kneepads etc.

Lastly remember that although their physical demands associated with mountain biking vacations can be pretty significant even for beginners— having fun is still key! You don't need fancy equipment or extraordinary skill levels when just starting out - take things one step at a time and enjoy the experience!


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- Learn to mountainbike with experienced guides.
- Ride on beautiful trails in the mountains.
- Find out who you are and what you're capable of.
- Discover new things about yourself and the world around you.

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